Complex Commercial Litigation – Fraud and Damages

  • Large Private Equity Firm sued by one of its partners alleging accounting fraud.
  • We evaluated each alleged instance of accounting fraud by, among other things, tracing the flow of funds through the relevant accounting records.
  • Our expert report and testimony at trial in New York was instrumental in proving that not only had our client not committed fraud, but the plaintiff was actually responsible for the conduct that gave rise to the litigation.
  • The trier-of-fact awarded substantial damages to our client and dismissed the fraud claim.

Fraud investigation – Public Company Accounting Officer Ethics

  • Performed detailed testing of transactions and entries directed or approved by accounting officer.
  • Interviewed key employees.
  • Interviewed accounting officer in question and obtained admissions.
  • Investigative procedures led to the termination of the accounting officer without negative publicity or litigation against the client and signoff of financial statement by “Big Four” audit firm.